ICC Cyber security guide for business

This practical guide offers businesses a simple process for raising awareness for online security. It is designed to be a conversation starter between information technology specialists and company management in order to guide enterprises of all sizes and sectors on their way to address cyber security challenges and to engage the companies in their supply chains to also tackle these issues.

ICC’s Commission on the Digital Economy recognizes that modern information and communications technologies are enabling business of all sizes to innovate, reach new markets and drive efficiencies that benefit customers and society. Yet, increasingly, business practices and policies are stressed while adapting to the direct and indirect impacts of pervasive communication environments and network information flows that are required in the delivery of goods and services. Many enterprises adopt modern information and communications technologies without fully realizing that new types of risks must be managed.

This Guide addresses this gap and outlines how enterprises of all sizes can identify and manage cyber security risks. Starting with five principles that help enterprises of all sizes to identify cyber security risks and drawing on various sources and best practices to pin point six key actions that companies should be sure to take, the guide discusses how to apply principles into policies to facilitate the development of an enterprise’s cyber security risk management activities.


The ICC Cyber security guide for business was inspired by the Belgian Cyber security guide, an initiative of ICC Belgium and VBO-FEB, and the EY Belgium and Microsoft Belgium, with the B-CCENTRE and ISACA Belgium. Well-appreciated in Belgium, the Guide was offered to ICC’s Digital Economy Commission as a model that could be adapted to serve as a global resource with the permission of the companies and organizations involved. ICC kindly recognizes the contribution of those involved in the preparation and production of the Belgian guide as well as of those members of the Task Force on Cyber Security that produced the global guide.